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Forgotten Bloodlines: Agate is a photorealistic animated documentary focusing on prehistoric wildlife 20 million years ago, narrated by the wonderful Nigel Marven. It takes place in the early Miocene of the Agate Fossil Beds, one of the richest collections of extinct life from the era. Over the course of three 15 minute episodes, you will be taken back to a place forgotten to time.


Agate Springs is a vast and unique snapshot into the world of the Miocene. This was a pivotal point in Earth's history as the ancient forms of mammals coexisted with the earliest relatives of modern-day mammalian families; this was an evolutionary arms race in a rapidly warming climate. Agate Springs hosted a wide variety of fossilized fauna: early horses, camels, rhinoceros and beavers lived alongside the likes of chalicotheres, entelodonts and bear-dogs, species all of which have long since disappeared. 


In Forgotten Bloodlines: Agate you will be taken on a journey into the lives of two of these bizarre beasts: A male Daeodon trying to survive within a volatile ecosystem and a female Moropus who must overcome the perils of independence. It is an incredible journey for both of these mammals - 20 million years in the making. 


How will they survive? Will they prevail? What sort of creatures will they encounter? 

Find out with the release of Forgotten Bloodlines: Agate .

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